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I’m  a first-year PhD candidate in composition and cultural rhetoric (CCR) at Syracuse University.  I have a B.A. in philosophy (2013) and a M.A. in English (2015) from St. Bonaventure University.

My research interests center on questions of (nontraditional) authorship, intertextuality, and play. In particular, I like to a how authoring a text can get understood in more diffuse or ambient ways: communities, human-machine interaction, circulation, participation, unbounded texts. This connects to an interest in play and intertextuality, reflecting how texts rework or play with(in) a broader ecology of texts and “authors.”

More specifically, my current work deals with fandom, fanfiction, and game studies, particularly around sandbox games.

Outside of “work,” I like to cook, listen to music, try new wines or craft beers, drink tea, and play video games. I also really like learning about cosmology, philosophy, and the environment and am a bit a YouTube junkie.

He has another blog, a Twitter, a LinkedIn, and a Tumblr.

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